Rosanwo Babatunde has a passion for social change and engagement with years of experience in the non-profit sector across several countries, he has worked and consulted on several advocacy projects for young people and migrants. He has a passion for Africa, political economy and use of social media for advocacy.



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    Exactly by 11 of October, it marks 180 days, 6 months, 24 weeks, 15.5 million seconds, 259.2 thousand hours,( half a
    year) since the abduction of over 200 girls from Chibok, Borno state. The nature and manner of their abduction still remains a mystery yet to be uncovered. It was reported that there use to be a security check point near the school, but on the day of the attack, the security operatives were no where to be found.
    Some argue that it was a conspiracy. I don’t want to believe that, but some recent development are forcing me to. The recent reports that a plane belonging to a Christian leader in Nigeria was confounded in South Africa carrying about 10 million dollars meant to buy arms to fight insurgency in
    Nigeria is a strong indication that there is more than meet the eye and behind the scene players.
    The government must act fast to find those girls. Recently, the parents of the girls after meeting President Jonathan made the
    ultimate sacrifice by asking Jonathan to bring back their children even if military action has to be taken.
    Stephen Devis revelation showed how close it was rescuing the girls when a senior government official ruin the deal. He also showed how some senior security officers turned the security vote and security budget into their pocket money, looting the money to building masons in Abuja, changing account names to that of their maids and securities.
    The way and manner at which serious national issues are been taken lightly is really unfortunate. All blames rest on the
    Nigerian people. We Nigerians are not been vigilant and patriotic. We are now in democracy, not military dictatorship. Nigerians should help the federal government by putting pressure where pressure is needed for something to happen.
    Nigerians should also learn to show appreciation and their happiness to the government where that will be needed for a
    good policy, or project, to continue.
    With elections just months away, Nigerian politicians must exercise maximum restraint and maturity in order not to over heat the polity. Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable.

    Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari
    Katsina town,
    Katsina state of Nigeria.

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